we’re coming up with a film that tells the story behind the songs,
of the places and memories that inspired them,
and the artists who interpreted the story on stage.

A story on
How to keep memories in your pocket
and how to retrieve them.

keep coming to this page for more info.


Joee & I Debut Album


Released February 24, 2017

All songs written, composed, performed and produced by: Joee Mejias
co-produced by: Tengal Drilon

Additional Instruments:
Tenor saxophone and flute by Jonathan Effemey (1) Pebble Beach, (4) Teknobalat
Backing vocals by Katchie Mejias (4) Teknobalat
Analog synthesiser by Tengal (6) Song For Mati
Kulintang by Kat Estacio and Katrin Estacio (2) Kidnap (4) Teknobalat
Gong Samples and Guitar by Erick Calilan (2) Kidnap
Bass guitar by Peter Skala (4) Teknobalat
Bass guitar by Jesse Grinter (2) Kidnap
Additional Beats and Voice Samples:
Manuel Domes (4) Teknobalat (5) White
Mark Hobbs (2) Kidnap
Melodica, Horns, Bell Lyre, Bells, Kalimba, Percussions and Field Recording by Joee Mejias

All tracks mixed by Tengal
Somewhere in Between and Teknobalat mixed by Arvie Bartolome

Mastering: Fumitake Takamura (Bun)


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