Director: Jav Velasco
Technical Director: Otto Hernandez | Make It Happen Workshop
Production Design: Jeona Zoleta
Lighting Design: Chelly Bulaon
Costume: Willar Mateo (Salad Day)
Projection Design: Mvltiverse
Associate Producer: Franchesca Casauay
Stage Management: Kirsten Pinto
Production Management: Para Sa Sining | Ces Valera
DLS-CSB Production Design Students 114
Judy Fugoso, Julian Delos Santos, Jarrett Pinto
Special performance by Alvin Lopez of Legato Visual Performing Arts

with guest performance: Wilderness

Joee & I Music Ensemble:
Drums: Toni Bernardo
Sax: Jonathan Effemey
Synth: Tengal Drilon
Keys, Kalimba: Rembrandt Vocalan
Choir: Katchie Mejias, Nathalie Mendoza, Gregory De Jesus
Poblacion Marching Band

Heresy | Fringe Festival Manila | Power Mac Center Spotlight


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